Thursday, June 28, 2012

DrMommaCobb running AGAIN!!

This time last year I was running and eating two bananas a day to keep my sanity while I wrote my dissertation. I was entirely motivated because my best friend and I signed up to run a half marathon last November. So my plan was to finish my schooling and kick my training into high gear and get serious about running!

I have always loved to run but the first time I really pushed myself ended in finding out I was three months pregnant that would eventually end in a miscarriage. So even though people say that it was not related, I couldn't help but think my pushing could have slowed blood supply that was needed. Running and I had a bitter relationship but as I was doing this for Team-in-Training, I couldn't stop. People had donated for me to run!! Again, I have to finish what I start. It did participate in it but I couldn't give it my all.

After I regained my confidence I decided the following year I would run that same half marathon and run it better than before! I did, of course because I trained! A few months later a found out I was pregnant with my baby girl!! I was so excited but I was then questioning running throughout my pregnancy. Many women have done this. Maybe y'all remember the lady who ran a marathon and then gave birth?? I tried one run but I just couldn't do it... I wanted to but the miscarriage stuck in my mind and even though people said running/miscarriage was unrelated, I couldn't take the chance.

I took to the sidelines until she was born and I was done nursing. Then I really ran and trained my little heart out but I could definitely have pushed myself harder. I ran another half marathon and became pregnant with my little boy and again I stopped running but I stuck with lifting light weights to keep my muscle tone. Now I am very happy to tell you I will be training for yet another half marathon in November!!! Yes I am still nursing and really don't know how to manage that but where there is a will there is a way.

Until tomorrow, kindest blogging wishes!!

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  1. I forgot to add my experience of running for the first time in a year! It was definitely not where I left off but it was great! I felt great!! I walked 5 minutes and ran one. I did that 5 times. Yes I have a long way to go to get ready for the November half but I'm ready!!!!