Sunday, June 24, 2012

Flashback part 1

As I was nursing my 15 week old awesome baby boy in the wee hours of the morning, I was thinking of my second post. I've decided to do a flashback to share my past with you.

Thirty-three years ago and a few months, my mom and dad gave birth to one onry little girl. From pestering my older siblings and stealing the pacifier away from my little brother, I was a handful. Who isn't at such a young age... My mom was a stay at home mom and instilled the love of cooking and cleaning in my blood. My dad worked as a water treatment manager (which KCMO has the best tasting water ever!!) and instilled the love of science and experimentation. My favorite test he did at his work was testing the chlorine levels in the water because the water would change colors!

Fast-forwarding... When I was high school, my dad's dad past away from a heart attack. He had been struggling with heart issues for a while and I was bound and determined that my dad wouldn't have heart problems but if he did, I would fix him. So I went off to college and prepared myself to gear up for medical school. My junior year of college, I shadowed cardiologists and open-heart surgeons. Observing cardiac cath's and opening up the thoracic cavity to artificially bypass heart vessels were just a few procedures that I've seen. Not only could I stand the sight of blood but I understood the hearts function and diseases as well!

So why didn't I take that avenue? I asked a cardiologist (one who is an incredible doctor and had the best bedside manner I had ever seen) "When are you planning on having children?". She said she had a son. My next question that changed my life was, "When do you get to see him?". She said Tuesday nights. I choked back my own disappoint when I realized I would not be able to do it. I wanted kids and I wanted to spend my time with them, not just Tuesday nights. Now, let me stop and emphasize that I wanted the world of cardiology and see my children every day and every night but I was unwilling to make that sacrifice that many influential doctors make every day, a personal decision for myself. So I left that hospital and never turned back, as difficult as that decision was.

Fast-forwarding some more... Six days after I graduated with my Bachelor's in Biology/Pre-Med I married my best friend who I met my sophomore year in high school. Two months later we moved to a city far away from other family members so we could grow together, just the two of us. Now I just summed up 22 years which was a feat but tomorrow I will share more about my amazing journey and my amazing family!

Until tomorrow, kindest blogging wishes!

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