Monday, June 25, 2012

Flashback part 2

Yesterday, I left off by telling you about my best friend that I married. Now, how can I brush over someone I've been with nearly half of my life!! So I must elaborate on this fine man of mine! I met him in high school my sophomore year, his freshman year. It was the start of band camp and he was in the back with the percussionists. He was striking! Red hair, blue eyes, sunburned... Ok the sunburn wasn't very healthy but never the less, he stuck out of the crowd. For two years I tried to get him to notice me using several different tactics, none of which worked. When I almost called it quits my senior year he asked me to tutor him in Chemistry. So I agreed.

After several study sessions he got on my nerves because he just wanted to play. He would play around with soccer balls, throw them at me to break my concentration or start doing something weird (example: the song and dance Igor does in the old Frankenstine movie). Anyone who knows my husband knows that he has, not one but many crazy bones in his body!!! He is a really a fun person to hang around with but tutoring, I found entirely challenging mainly because he did not like Chemistry. Eventually, I just gave up and wouldn't push studying but rather we just hung out and made chocolate chip cookies or watched movies.

He finally passed Chemistry and we continue on building our relationship. He knew I was going to college and he had one more year of high school. However, he did not want us to have just a summer relationship but rather a long term one. That summer was full of events that would try the strength we had for each other. A firework injury, travels to Austria and Germany, then the eventual leave for college. It was tough but our love for each other was strong and would get stronger over the years.

After I graduated college, we got married and headed to a city about 600 miles away from what we knew. He studied Theology while I found a job in my field. He completed his undergraduates degree in Systematic Theology and started his masters degree only to temporarily put that on hold so he could totally focus on ultrasound technology as his tent-making job. We both felt the same way in terms of me staying at home when the moment came. He got done with schooling and bought us a house! One that we will call home for many many a years!!

Now, I could go on and on about this incredible man of mine but bottom line, he is my rock, my best friend, best father a mother could ever ask for her children, and a great teacher that a wife and kids could ever want!!

Until tomorrow, kindest blogging wishes!!


  1. And you guys had a beautiful wedding... ;)

    1. Thank you Deana! It was what I dreamed it would be as a little girl!! The party afterwards was really fun! Hard to believe it was 11 yrs ago...