Friday, June 29, 2012

Flashback part 5

So a couple of days ago I left you by sharing that this day last year we found out I was pregnant. Now, I was preparing to give my defense which was the finale of my studies but with this news, how could I focus??? Our family was about to grow 25% (yes, I am including the dog. What can I say? He was our practice child.). I was so happy and excited that I could hardly keep it in but everyone knows the importance of not telling people you're pregnant before the 12 week mark because the chances of a miscarriage are greater during that window. Even though I was only 5 weeks pregnant (so we thought) and given that I have a hard time keeping things in, I told my closest family and friends but wanted to wait to tell other people at work until 12 weeks.

The next day was the defense! I woke up really early, practiced my power point slides in my head while taking my car to the wash, and constantly smiling when I thought of the little one inside growing by the minute! I had nothing but joy which canceled out my nervousness. I gave the defense, passed, and became a Baylor University Ph.D. graduate!! The discussion afterwards with my committee members went great! So the rest of the day was spent tooling around with my friend who came into town before we went to the dinner. Since both my husband and I would be at the dinner, our daughter would be spending the night with our very best friends and their girls! First time ever away fom both of us!

The dinner was at a wonderful Mexican restaurant called Monica's Aca Y Alla. Originally, I planned on having a few celebratory drinks but with the little pumpkin seed growing inside I could not do it. Instead, I was going to drink non-alcoholic daiquiris so no one would expect anything. Later, in the night I switched to water. I heard my friend across the room ask "Why isn't she drinking?". The next thing I knew a guy I jokingly call Chamaco brought us both shots. Now I'm not a party animal (shocking, I'm sure) so this was new to me. I looked at my husband and I said, "Oh no thank you though." but him and everyone there insisted and said "go go!" then I said "I can't...". Everyone knew why I couldn't and started to cheer!!! It was so funny how it happened and I wouldn't have changed it!

At this time since a lot of people knew, I needed to tell my boss before she found out from someone other than me. I did tell her and she was totally happy for me. Now, since I was done with school it was time for me to get focused on the next vaccine before my maternity leave. I would love to share more but I have a lot of Asian high schoolers coming over for youth night so I've got to get cooking.

Until tomorrow, kindest blogging wishes!!!

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