Saturday, June 30, 2012

Flashback part 6

Developing the next generation of a therapeutic HIV vaccine with morning sickness was not fun! One thing that you must know is I demand a lot from my experiments - precision, reproducibility, and had to make sense. So it was very hard for me to allow people to help. One person that I trusted to help was my best buddy, we shalt call him C Mac. He has become a part of our family and he kept my mood swings in check. Since he was so devoted to his hours, he would start experiments, analyze data, or anything I needed while I took my time getting in, again because of morning sickness. He was a true integral part in the development. Plus, I could usually persuade him to go out to eat when I had a particular craving!

A couple other people at the lab that kept me sane were Sugar Slim and KK. I'm keeping names confidential for privacy purposes these are by no means their real names, or are they? Hummmmm... Sugar Slim is the lady at the front desk. She is not the receptionist, that just so happened to be where they had put her desk. She did beyond what a receptionist did. I could also persuade her into going to the best Mexican restaurant, Las Ranitas! They had the best caliente salsa in the city!! I just wanted to land a straw in the salsa cup and just drink it up!! Now, did I ever do it?? I don't think so but the ladies knew who I was and eventually brought out the big BIG 1 cup size when I came thru the door.

KK is a strong Christian and always kept my spirits up when they were down. Usually, when I saw him in the hall I would spurt out comments like, "Whicky whicky WAH man!", "What it is my friend?", or do a gig and sing a little diddle just so he would look at me sideways and say, "Really? Wow. Don't you have work to do?". Now I knew that this friendship would be fun because when I first met him and he said he was from the Congo, I asked, "So did you ever see Ebola?"... He did the response I described above! These two people are very dear to mine and my husband's hearts and are definitely a part of our family too!

As much as I love staying at home, I must share that I miss my buddies I've described above but many more that I haven't mentioned! Luckily, we have text messaging!! So I believe I've pretty much caught up to current with a few exceptions so this will conclude the Flashback series. The birth of my son and the house will be for another time!

Until tomorrow, kindest blogging wishes!

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