Monday, July 16, 2012

Green Pepper Experiment

The best thing about science is you learn from testing. Going though the thought process and reasoning, "if this happens then this should happen...". Well, I think this way often. One particular instance involved green peppers.

Now I loved green peppers so much growing up that I got grounded for eating all the green peppers in my grandmother's neighbor's garden. How did they know it was me? Well, I would leave a little pile of seeds and stems around the back row where I slithered in and that always occurred when I was at her house.

About 15 years ago, I just couldn't imagine a person not liking green peppers. They were crispy, tangy, watery, and wholesome! Then I met my husband (then boyfriend). He didn't like them but I was for sure it's because he hadn't tasted them. So I pursued my experiment using the scientific method.

Green Pepper Experiment

Formulated question: Does he really not like green peppers?

Hypothesis: Surely he likes them but just didn't know it yet.

Prediction: If he tasted it, he would like them.

*Test: During a time where my boyfriend (now husband) had a cell graph of cells from one eye to the other (a surgery needed as a result of an unfortunate firework eye injury) which left him blind for about a week, I had taken him to a sandwich shop for lunch. He got a meatball sub and I got a turkey with, of course, green peppers were among the veggies.

As we were sitting there eating, I thought it would be a great time to test my hypothesis. So when he was in between bites, I placed a green pepper sliver on the area he would take his next bite. I waited patiently and when the next bite came, I just knew he would really like it!!! Now please note, I had no premeditated intentions of testing my hypothesis in this manner. The opportunity just presented itself.

Analysis: Well, he gagged with the bite containing the green pepper so my hypothesis null. He truly didn't like them and he knew it. I felt really bad but I did chuckle a little only because he's really funny by nature and his reaction was priceless. I know, I'm surprised he stayed with me after that too.

*Caution, don't try this on anyone. Guilt and shame will follow.

Until tomorrow, kindest blogging wishes!!!

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