Thursday, July 5, 2012

The In-law's Oasis

Summertime just isn't the same without a visit to my in-laws. They live in the country away from big city living. Their backyard can be described as an oasis with a view of miniature horses roaming about a gated pasture. They have a nice-sized pool with several covered sitting areas for shelter from the hot summer days. Being that they live in the country, they are also surrounded by a lot tall trees.

One tree in particular, has caught my eye over the years. It's a cottonwood that stands taller than any other tree beside it. Every May, I await that summer morning that I wake up, head out to sit by the pool with my coffee in hand, and admire that tree. Now, you're probably thinking, "A tree?". Yes, a tree. Working long hours, stressed out that an experiment didn't yield expected or desired results, or just the overall feeling of being worn out, I couldn't help but to admired that tree. It is free to frolic around in the wind without a care in the world. Who wouldn't like to do that? As the leaves submit their movement to the wind, the flickering of the sun's rays makes it seem as though they are giving each other hi-fives. It is at that moment that I decide to leave all my cares back home and enjoy the spa-like environment. After all, I'm at our Nannie and Papa's house (that has been my mother- and father-in-laws names every since I've known them).

Over the years, this backyard has seen many party's. The party's that are for no reason other than it's hot outside and everyone wants to chill by the cool sparkly pool, birthday party's, Fourth of July's, Mother's and Father's days, and wedding receptions. This backyard has seen a lot and has made many, MANY happy memories for a lot of people. So, today my hat's off to this restful, enjoyable, and serene oasis at the in-laws.

Until tomorrow, kindest blogging wishes!!!

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