Friday, July 6, 2012

La Cobb Hacienda - The Move

Previously, I had described how we found our house. Now the move was a bit interesting. Since we lived an hour away from our newly purchased home, timing was everything. We had to purchase our beautiful refrigerator, had to have stuff packed for the movers, have the new house professionally cleaned before the move, all the while our son was only around 3 weeks old nursing every 1.5 to 2 hours and our 3 yr old was stir-crazy!

A few days prior to the move, we purchased our beautiful refrigerator. We didn't want to pay for shipping (I'm painfully frugal) so we were going to have some friends transport it the new house but Best Buy had the best deal for our refrigerator which included FREE delivery. FREE!!! I about fill out my seat!!! I was so excited!!

I know I go on about this refrigerator but this was big!! With the exception of our cheap-o washer and dryer, we have never bought a major appliance before. One that will be with us forever! Case in point, my parent's refrigerator they have now, they purchased when I was pretending I was a high-falootin' city girl (6 or 7 yrs old) so I know the importance of buying something that you'll want to have around for 25+ years to come.

We were expecting to move in on a Sunday and the previous owners wanted to work with us to get the carpet cleaner (responsibility on their part) and house cleaners (our want) scheduled on Saturday so it would be ready Sunday. This left Saturday night and Sunday morning to get the rest of our stuff packed. It would prove to be tricky! What I haven't told you is my husband's family was in town as well as my little brother and his girlfriend. They all helped in getting the packing done and we truly thank them for that!

Sunday morning, moving day, we woke up a few hours early to get stuff packed, beds broken down, cars packed with delicate stuff including the drum set. Yes yes!! My husband's prized drum set! When he was sixteen, he worked at a pizza shop to gather enough money to buy a custom made, Premier Genista drum set. It is very handsome kinda like him. The poor drum set has set in storage for years - 14 to be exact!

The movers arrived and all chaos arose!! It was totally awesome chaos!! Now let me name drop here but the movers from Jesse's Moving Company did an amazing job!! They did not stop moving until the job was done. They came in, assessed what would be moved and busted their tails. I was breaking down my daughter's bed when they had already wrapped up the couch's and moved them to the truck. The place started to look bear every trip they made. We have used these movers before so we knew it was going to be epoch.

Everything was packed into the truck with absolutely no space for anything else. Those last items left at the apartment we would eventually get later. We all made a B-line to the new house. Like I said timing was everything. Once we got there while Rusty was directing the movers, friends and family, I needed to get new beds for us and our daughter. So after I fed my son, I handed him off to my mother-in-law and the countdown began. I had an hour or so before the next feeding. My awesome sister- and brother-in-law and I all went to the closest Sam's Club. We purchased what we needed and headed back home. Needless to say, their pickup truck was filled with pillows, mattresses, box springs, comforter sets, and more pillows! We got home, fed my son and again out the door to buy groceries while others put the beds together...

I will say it was an extremely stressful time for my husband and I but we had a great support system to help out! We have decided we will stay in this house forever because the stress of moving is something we don't want to experience again. This beautiful house would soon become the house I happily get to spend most of my days after my retirement from my full-time job. That will be for another time.

Until tomorrow, kindest blogging wishes!!!

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