Tuesday, July 3, 2012

La Cobb Hacienda

Buying a house was never high on our priority list because we never really knew what city we would end up in. We had to find a city worthy of raising our children. We thought maybe Kansas City, MO or Oklahoma City, OK to be closer to family members. However, because we couldn't decide, we kept on renting. As we were nearing the end of both of our schooling, my husband and I had to get serious about where we would buy a house. After all, we were about to have an addition to our family (25% increase :) )!!! When our daughter came, she took over half of our apartment which had 2 bedrooms and 2 baths. So our son, needed (well, we wanted him to have) his own room. The need for a house was inevitable!

During my husband's rotations at various hospitals in surrounding cities, he chose a children's hospital that was an hour to and from our apartment. He loved the atmosphere, the team work, and the longevity of the staff. Everyone knows how important it is to have a job but to have a job with people surrounding you that are so passionate about what they do -- Now, that's just priceless! So we decided to look at areas near his work.

My husband's job was a big factor but another huge factor was our very best friends. We have been close for about 7-8 years. Their three daughters are basically sisters to my little girl and son. We have also chosen this family to raise our children if something were to happen to both my husband and I. So yeah, this family is a big deal and mean so much to us!! We needed to be close to them. So they factored into the equation.

After Christmas, we started our search. I was searching constantly and looking in our price range which was kind of stressful because there were SO many! Once we found an area where the houses were appealing, we visited the neighborhood just to see that the houses were packed together like sardines or had a large populations of registered sex offenders, totally not for us. However, when I voiced my distress to my friend, she said to turn it over to the Lord. He has the perfect house picked out and just be patient. So I took a break and prayed quite often.

Time was getting closer for our son to arrive so we resumed the search. I looked on and found a house with a pool and it was so beautiful but when I called on the house, there was already a contract. We loved the area though so we continued our search there. It was half way between our friends and my husband's work. So over the next few days we found a few houses in that same neighborhood to do a walk-thru.

Before I called our realtor, I looked one more time at the houses in that area and found a 2-story house with dark features such as hardwood floors, accented walls and had an amazing kitchen!! It was only on the market for 6 days. We, then, decided to throw that one into the mix but since we were leery of 2-story houses and the potential of falls down the stairs, we were pretty much certain this would not be what we were looking for.

So the day came to drive an hour away to look at the houses. We would start with the 2-story one first. I was really excited to look at the second house, though! I had all the rooms designated and decorated in my mind. I never had anticipated what would happen next. We pulled up to the house and it had a beautiful yard but it was a nice neighborhood so that's to be expected. Then we walked inside, the smell of angel food cake and vanilla pleasantly smacked you in the face and woke you up!! Then the feel of the house, the openness, the colors, the flow, the refrigerator (yeah, I know but it was so awesome!!!), EVERYTHING was amazing!!! We found it!!! Our home, not just a house, our home! We could tell the owners loved the house from the way they took care of it. From several items we saw made us realize we were also very similar! Not only did we want the house but we wanted to meet the owners too. They are actually the original owners so they have 11 years of memories in the house.

So we spent a while there and it was time to go to the next house. As we were driving to the second one I was originally really excited about but had dwindled a lot, my husband wanted to make an offer on the first. The first house we looked at??? Could it be??? Is that normal?? Well I wanted to make sure the next house wasn't going to give us the same WOW-factor as the first. So we pulled up to the next house and walked inside. It really felt like an over-sized city apartment. Totally opposite of what we were looking for. So we decided to make an offer on the first house!!! My energy was now fixed on this house and what the rooms would become. A beautiful 2-story, 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath, 2 car garage!!! It was beautiful!! After a few times going back and forth, we came to a deal!

Next would be the inspection and we had to be there. Since we really wanted to meet the owners, we asked if they could be there too. What we didn't know is they wanted to meet us too!! Once we met them, we were instantly friends. Since then they've come over for dinner and shared more about the house with us. It's funny because our daughter's whoppers we had in the pantry were in the same location of the whoppers they had when they lived here!! So funny! They are really a great family with amazingly smart boys!!! We hope to have many more dinners and fun times with them!

Now, you're probably wondering if we got to keep the refrigerator... Hate to break it to you but the answer is, no. Turns out they got a really good deal on it so they took it with them. Everyone knows that great feeling when you get a good deal and are proud of that find. So unfortunately we had to buy one. We were going to go with a side-by-side and be conservative but later decided to go with the one we wanted, the French door Fridgedaire galley series! It is beautiful and fits with the house!

Anyways, I would love to share the move but I think this post is pretty full so I will end here and share the breaking out of the drums set for another time.

Until tomorrow, kindest blogging wishes!

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