Friday, July 13, 2012

Our Big Blue Summer Toy

This morning I woke up to do my usual routine. I fed my baby boy, walked downstairs, turned off the outside lights, turned on the coffee pot, open the blinds in the living room and noticed I giant huge blue thing in our backyard!!! Then I remembered, "Ahhh my husband put up a pool yesterday..."

Just to give you an idea of the layout of our backyard, its about 30ft x 40ft but it has a retaining wall that takes out about 10ft x 40ft of it and stands about 4 ft tall with four medium trees and stairs to access it. So we have a pretty small backyard. In that small area, we have a swing set that the awesome homeowners left which is on the right side of the yard and on the left side is this gianormous 4 ft deep, 15 ft round above ground pool, again, compliments of the previous awesome homeowners. This pool is a really nice well kept pool that can be broken down at the end of the summer and stored until next year.

Even though we have a small backyard, I really would eventually like a mini-inground pool just to wade around in the summer. I've done my research and found they just don't fit our budget at this time and not to mention our little babies are too small to have freedom around a potential danger. I would rather be the one who controls access with a ladder instead of them being able to just walk in.

This pool is a great summer activity for our little girl. When we were at my in-law's oasis, our daughter swam her little heart out from sun up to sun down. She had lots of fun! So my husband and I were open to putting the pool together that had been stored in the attic. After he got it down, 2 hrs later we had a hose in it filling it up and our little angel had her life vest on splashing around.

Since this pool is 4 ft tall and takes up the majority of the left side of our yard and our table and chairs cannot overlook the pool on the patio, I have found the perfect spot for me and my little man to watch our little fish swim. Remember that retaining wall I mentioned that splits up our yard? Well it just so happens to be the perfect height to the pool. So, I decided to hoist a chair up there under a tree and VOILA!! I have my lifeguard perch up there with a perfect view and perfect shade.

Hot summer days in the south warrant a pool. Though I will have to say I am praying that it doesn't burst over the sides because if it does, we won't need the pool... we will be swimming in our living room!

Until tomorrow, kindest blogging wishes!!!

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