Monday, July 23, 2012

Rocking My Big Baby Girl

Before our son came along, our daughter had the advantage of having our attention solely on her. My favorite moment of the day was getting to rock and sing her to sleep. It never failed. A full belly, warm bath, warm jammies, lights out, prayer, and snuggle time. Just rocking and singing. I never thought there would be a time I wouldn't hold her and rock her to sleep.

Three songs I would sing her for three years EVERY NIGHT (with a few exceptions, like times I had over-night travels) until 4 months ago. When the dude came along and we moved into our house, the rocking chairs were used for him. I would rock him downstairs in our room and upstairs in his.

The girl had her new big girl bed from her awesome aunt, uncle and cousin. The bedtime routine changed to my husband and I laying beside her on her bed, read (or really make up) a princess story, prayer, and kisses goodnight. She recently started wanting me to sing to her again so we added that. Then last night she wanted me to rock and sing her to sleep. How could I pass that up!!??

I got her ready for bed and we started rocking away. She was longer and heavier than before. However, I didn't have a big pregnant belly anymore so she actually fit on my lap. I started singing her favorite song and mine as well, Amazing Grace. Of course I'm an emotional person, so I got a little teary-eyed remembering back when her little feet just barely touched the arms of the chair and now they are draped over my legs. Her once little hands are bigger now with longer fingers, very kid like. Her big light blue eyes fading out to la-la land every verse I sing. Her beautiful long strawberry-blonde hair all swaying away with each rock. I thought, my husband and I made this beautiful little creature that I'm holding in my arms!

The next song, Be Thou My Vision followed by If You Want Me To by Ginny Owens. Again, teary-eyed. I thought to myself, I really missed this! She's growing up way too fast!! Though, one thing that I love is she love my cooking (most of the time) and she loves my singing. I don't sing for just anyone but for her I'd sing until my voice went out. Once I was done, she was out. I carried her upstairs to her room, gave her lots of kisses and tucked her in her girly girl bed. She slept all night long. Guess who's moving the rocking chair upstairs to her room tonight? That's right... Me.

Bottom line, your babies are never too old to rock to sleep. Though, I might change my tune when she's 18. I better start lifting more weights.

Until next time, kindest blogging wishes!!!

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