Thursday, July 12, 2012

Why I Run

In previous blogs I've mentioned how I used to be a musician. In high school, I played flute in band. Generally, flutists are placed in the front and all other instruments are behind them so once the music begins it surrounds them, reverberates them and they become engulfed in the whole experience of being a small part of something much bigger. Our old band director chose the best musical pieces that had intensity and disharmony that resolves eventually in a beautiful expression of music. I loved being surrounded and lost in the music and at times really understood what the writer was trying to get across. Since I don't play anymore, the best way to get that feeling is to listen to music with headphones.

When I run, I like to listen to Pandora radio on my iPhone. If you don't know what Pandora radio is, it is an iPhone app that has radio stations of various artists, (for example, Dave Matthews or Miles Davis). The radio station will play music of that artist but also songs from other artists based on the type of genre. When I run, I prefer to listen to Skillet radio. Skillet is a Christian alternative rock band.

Today started out like another day at the gym trying to regain my endurance to run a half marathon in November. As I was struggling on the treadmill to figure out a rhythm, a song came on that was not a Skillet song but rather a song from the Dark Knight soundtrack. It started out quiet and then started to build. I could feel my steps going in rhythm of the song. Then, I focused on a crack in the wall as the song's intensity built. I was in the zone, breathing was consistent and I had a sustainable rhythm.

Throughout the song I felt like I could go really far and fast! I felt like I had a purpose, to chase down a bad guy or jump to the neighboring building... In reality, if I jumped it would be the person in front of me doing her workout on the elliptical machine. The song was ending and my focused running self was too. I was out of breath and after I glanced at my heart rate and it was well over aerobic level! So I backed off the speed and cooled down. I thought to myself how awesome it would have been to be in that symphony playing that incredible masterpiece.

Some people love to run without music or any device that distracts from the nature of running. Some people love to have running partners to talk to during their run. I like those too but I feel I run my best when I'm lost in the music... So the reason I run is to get lost in my music, to get healthier, and to eat really good food. If you run, what do you run for?

Until tomorrow, kindest blogging wishes!!!

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