Monday, July 2, 2012

You Can Never Kiss Your Children Too Much

Yesterday, I was reminded while having children can be so incredibly awesome and exciting, it can also be incredibly difficult. Now, a few days back I posted on my Facebook timeline that you can never kiss your kids too much. I still hold to that! With that in mind, we found out yesterday that a young kid who was only 16 left this world to be with his Lord and Savior. It saddened us tremendously as we knew him as a youth member from our previous church. He was so young and from a very large family where the siblings cared for each other. I'm sure many parents believe that it should be them that go first not the children. I, for one, would rather that happen but we don't get to choose our timing.

The journey of parenting first starts by the joy of bring them into the world. Our son and daughter were both unplanned on our end but we whole heartedly welcomed our mini-me's into our family. Each one had both similarities and differences in the pregnancies. Both made me crave the caliente salsa described in an earlier blog, gave me morning sickness from weeks 5-13, gained the same general weight and had hardly any sleep the last trimester. Differences with my daughter is we focused every bit of our attention on her while in the womb since she was our first, I gained weight everywhere not just the belly, she was on schedule and was exactly 2 hours and 19 minutes past the calculated due date. Our son, on the other hand, had our attention but it was also split between our daughter, I only gained weight in the belly, and he was all over the charts in terms of his due date. These two pregnancies were fun and exciting but I will say the first trimester was horrible. In fact, because we listened to Ray Charles and the Count Basie Band, if I hear any song, I remember that awful feeling of morning sickness when I was pregnant with my daughter. Same goes for the Dave Matthews Band when I was pregnant with my son.

The birthing also had similarities and differences. Similarities were that I had the same doctor, my awesome sister-in-law was in the room keeping me calm, did NOT have an epidural or any pain killers, both born in the wee hours of the morning, and we had Whataburger following the births (only place open at 3am including the hospital cafe). Differences were when I was delivering my little girl both my family and my husbands were there (not in the delivery room though), it took a long time, I walked a lot, everyone was fanning me at the last part, and they had to give Cadie O2 when she came out. With my son, my mother-in-law, sister-in-law, and good friend were there in the delivery room, had to have pitocin (still did not have pain pills, just imagined I was weight training my uterine muscle-sorry so graphic), had to stay hooked up to monitors, but got to hold him right after he came out!

The similarities and differences made each pregnancy and birth so unique and incredible to experience! These two individual life's, from conception to birth to now has been such a blessing beyond words to describe. As parents, we have an instilled nature to protect, nurture, and teach our children as much as we can so they can grow and flourish while interpreting the world and identify potential dangers around them.

Our heart and prayers go out to this family and others who have experienced the lose of a child. Remember you can NEVER kiss your children too much, ALWAYS kiss them before they head out of the door, and ALWAYS pray for them!

Until tomorrow, kindest blogging wishes!

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