Sunday, September 9, 2012

Update: 4 Month Post Stay-at-Home Mom

So it's been 6 months since my little man made it into the world, 5 months since we moved to the burbs, and nearly 4 months since I parted ways with my research position. I will say it has definitely been different.

I never knew how much of a fast paced life we lived in the city. When we went to the grocery store on the weekend or at night it was always packed. It was an event. It would take us 15-30 minutes to get there, an hour shopping to make sure we didn't forget something on the list, 15-30 minutes back, and then unloading the car. Now it takes me 30 minutes start to finish no matter what time of day.

Staying at home has really lessened the amount of stress our family is under. When I stop to think about it, it baffles me. We spent more on groceries because of convenience, paid for day care, multiple lunch dates out with friends, spent more on gas, had very little time with our toddler let alone for each other, colds once contracted lingered for weeks!! At times I'm still anticipating some fast-paced scenario and get worked up over nothing. Adjusting, I'm told, takes time.

Half a year has gone by and my boy has two teeth, partly crawling and going from tummy to sitting up all by himself!! He loves my butternut squash puree, likes carrots - sometimes, and hates peaches. It has really been such a blessing to see first hand!

Him and my daughter battled their first cold. For both, it lasted 3-4 days. No complication! Now I had previously wrote about the ear infections but the saline mists 2-8 times a day, I feel, has reduced the potential for ear infections and has made the duration very short!! That makes me happy!

For myself, staying at home is very different then what I was doing. When I was designing experiments, I am now teaching my girl as well as being an authority figure 24/7. When I was wearing business casual and pointy-toed flats, I now wear whatever I know spit-up, puréed carrots, or butternut squash will come out of in the wash. When I used to get a paycheck, I now get to witness things that are priceless!

Even though there have been many difficult times adjusting to staying at home, it's truly amazing that we lost my income but our quality of life has gone up tremendously!

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