Tuesday, November 27, 2012

My Official Post-Pregnancy Running - Part 1

While working full time, I often daydreamed about the amount of time I would have to focus on running when I became a stay at home mom. Running has always been apart of my life. I briefly ran cross-country in high school, ran many 5ks and 3 half-marathons. However, since staying at home, trying to find time to run has been a definite struggle. The balancing act has not been the easiest. Why you ask? Because there have been more things that have claimed my attention. Thus, the half-marathon I had planned running in this month, sadly I was not prepared for.

Now I am trying to squeeze it back in my busy life because I really miss it and it makes me happy. So for starters, I'm trying to get back to the running condition I was pre-baby. Last week, I wrote out a plan and was ready to go. However, my first run made me realize I have some muscular imbalance that needs attention before I up my miles so I don't sideline myself early in the training. As with all things, I need patience. This is a marathon, not a sprint... Literally...

Areas that need my attention are my quadriceps for the sake of my knees and all my core muscles. My knees have always been a problem every since I played soccer in high school. After an MRI done on my left knee 5 years ago revealed worn cartilage, my doctor told me if I was to continue running to use shoes that had excellent support and shock absorption. I found the Nike Structure Triax to be the best fit and have since gone through 4 generations of them before getting pregnant with my son. Following my pregnancy I had shoes that were worn, especially since most of the miles where due to trying to walk my boy out of the womb. So during my little brother's visit, we went to Luke's Locker and bought my glorious Nike's! He bought some too - Nike Pegasus. Great shoes, I might add!!

As much as I would love to run out the door and do my previous routine, pre-baby, I need to set goals so I avoid injury. So my goal for the next month is to increase my sessions from an occasional run to 3-5 times per week whether it be running, cycling, elliptical (which I've never done before but need to add to my regimen) or swimming (my favorite!!). Keeping up with my strength training, but adding Pilates and mucho stretching! Monthly I will update you on my training and in time I will be back to running full speed. You are now my witnesses!!

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