Thursday, February 28, 2013

My "Something Greater"

"God will never leave you empty. He will replace everything you lost. If He asks you to put something down, it's because He is wanting you to pick up something greater." Author unknown. I saw this quote the other day and the last part really hit home for me. I left my job and returned home to raise my babies - need I say more.

I am by no means authority on raising babies. I struggle daily in trying to be a good mom and good example. However, this does not stop me from trying to teach them to the best of my ability. My little girl is almost four and since leaving my job to stay at home, we have been homeschooling her.

Our daily lessons include going through the alphabet doing writing and phonics. Mathematics, which thanks to her last daycare, we were able to start working through a kindergarten math book. She has grasped counting, sorting, categorizing, and pattern recognition. Recently, she has been learning about money. Teaching about money would not be complete without teaching how to earn it and how to make that money grow.

My daughter has two piggy banks. Over the years people have added to them, we've put money in them, and she has also put money in them when she finds it on the ground. So we took that money (a portion that she chose because she didn't want to part with all of it) and opened her a savings account. It was so sweet to watch her, wearing her sunglasses walk into the bank, hand her bag of money over to the bank officer and said "Hello. My name is ... I would like to open an account please.". The savings account we opened has a decent APR growth. Therefore, this helps her learn, overtime, one way to grow money.

Explaining how to earn money, I told her how daddy works at the hospital to pay for our home, food, and other fun things. I asked her what her jobs were. She gave lots of answers. Two that stuck out were 1. Feeding our dog and 2. Cleaning up the toys. I put a price on it. Our agreement is if she completes both tasks, she gets a said amount at the end of the day.

We have been doing this for a while and there hasn't been a night she hasn't done it. In fact, she has gone beyond what has been expected of her and arranges the sofa pillows, picks up our sons room if it needs it, and puts covers in their place. It just bring me so much joy to watch her embrace her new role as a gainful employee.

Going back to the quote I saw the other day, teaching my babies is "the greater" thing God wanted me to pick up and though there are struggles sometimes, I love my new job!

Until next time,
Happy blogging!!!